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June 27, 2009 2:02 AM

June 19, 2009

Ryan Beckett Earns First Win at Bedford Speedway

By Laura Cornman


It was as though a flashback occurred Friday evening as the Williams Grove Old Timers turned several memorable laps around the speedway.  Without haste, an evening of great racing began. 

Winners of the Bedford Valley Petroleum super late model division heat races were Jeff Rine and Steve Everhart.  Allen Lemin, Rick Singleton, and Travis Stickley all claimed victories during the Miller Auto Parts limited late model division heat races.  The TC Race Car street stock division heat race winners were Brian Duffy and Jarrett Walker.  Travis Group and Tyler Ritchey captured wins during the Ritchey’s Sandblasting cruiser hobby stock division heat races. 

DJ Troutman escorted the super late models to the drop of the green flag.  Troutman quickly distanced himself from the pack, Chuck Clise followed his lead.  Steve Everhart and Jeff Miller battled for the third place position, Everhart prevailed.  Troutman continued to stretch his lead.  Clise drove hard into the marbles and slightly fell off the pace.  Everhart and Jeff Rine took advantage of the situation as they swiftly drove under Clise.  Jack Pencil made a pass against Miller between turns one and two allowing him to obtain the fourth position.  Troutman, sitting comfortably, continued to show the way even while driving with lap traffic.  Everhart began reeling in the leader and planned to make his move.  A trio, which included Troutman, Everhart and Rine, battled for the lead.  The battle heightened as the trio approached additional lap traffic.  With three laps to go Rine saw an opening and seized it, allowing him to capture the lead.  Troutman and Everhart, both fighting for the lead, fell off the pace as they spun between turns three and four.  Rine led the pack to the restart with Pencil on his rear.  With one lap to go, Pencil shot past Rine on the backshoot.  A caution was brought out, allowing for an exciting green-white-checker finish.  Once back to green flag racing, Pencil quickly increased his lead and drove his yellow number fourteen  straight into victory lane.

Once up to speed, Brian Lowry brought the heard of twenty-three limited late models to the cone.  Rick Singleton quickly took command, moving Lowery into the second position.  Allen Lemin, running third, began feeling the pressure from Derek Byler as he gained ground.  Rick Singleton continued to broaden his lead.  With eight laps in the book, a collision occurred in turn three.  Drivers involved included Brandon Hoover, George Beckett, Steve Bard, and Chad Walter.  Singleton led the nose-to-tail pack to the cone.  Lowry traveled to the top of the track, allowing Lemin to slide under him and take over the second position.  Unfortunately, Lowry fought too hard to regain his position. He lost control in the middle of turns three and four, which sent him to the rear of the field.  Singleton continued to show the way as his fellow racers battled it out behind him.  Singleton’s lead was solidified as he drove his silver Chevrolet under the swaying checkered flags.

Bob Jay, a street stock veteran, led the flock to the start of the race. Jay had his hands full as Daryl Whetstone was all over his rear bumper.  Jay pulled forward, leaving Whetstone and Donald Wyles to battle for the second position. Whetstone fell of the pace in turn four, which forced him to loose a few positions.  However, the caution was then brought out by Kerry Molovich; moving everyone back into their positions prior to the caution.  Again, Jay showed the way to the cone. Jay began slowly lengthening his lead as Wyles, Saylor, and Whetstone fought hard for their positions behind him. Between their battles, the drivers followed each other nose-to-tail.  Wyles began to pressure Jay as he inched towards the lead. Jay continued to hold his line, even while driving three wide against Saylor and Wyles. Jay and Saylor ran bumper to bumper as they fought for the lead.  With four laps to go, Saylor made a successful move on Jay.  Whetstone and Wyles continued to battle behind them.  The yellow was brought out with two laps to go.  Saylor led the way back to green flag racing.  Two laps of hard racing lay before him.  As Saylor drove off of turn four for the final time he captured his second win of the season here at the Bedford Speedway. 

Joe Means held the pole position for the start of the 4-cylinder race.  Ed Vogel quickly obtained the lead.  Mike Lauffer began making his way through the pack and took over the second place position.  Bill Noel resided in the third place position.  With seven laps to go, the caution was brought out due to Doug Lewis’s flat tire.  Vogel led the way to the restart.  Lauffer tried to take advantage of the restart as he attempted an inside move against Vogel.  Vogel remained strong.  The caution was brought out again due to Jeff Treece spinning out in turn three.  Again, Vogel led the way to the cone.  Lauffer pulled off a pass against Vogel; however, Lauffer was then black flagged.  Although Vogel crossed the finish line in the second position, he was awarded the win due to the leader being black flagged. 

Charlie Walter, the cruiser hobby stock dominator, led his fellow racers to the start of the race.  Bill Replogle quickly took command.  Replogle continued to extend his lead as Walter and Ryan Beckett battled for the second place position.  Tyler Ritchey also joined the fight for second.  Walter began slowly pulling away from Beckett and Ritchey.  Unfortunately Ritchey fell off the pace due to a flat tire.  Replogle showed the way back to green flag racing.  Walter rapidly challenged Replogle for the lead.  Travis Group made his way through the pack as he moved in to the fifth place position.  While defending his position, Group spun in the middle of turn four.  Group regained control and continued to race.  With four laps to go, Beckett passed Replogle for the lead.  Replogle challenged Beckett for the lead; Beckett stayed strong and claimed a victory for the first time this season. 

Next week is fan appreciation night at the speedway.  Time trials will be ran for the 358 limited late models, the purse is set at $800.00.  The street stocks will also be running time trials, the winner will receive $350.00.  Also on the schedule are the hobby cruisers and the 4-cylinders. 


DNS (did not start)

DNF (did not finish)

DQ (disqualified)




1.      #14 Jack Pencil

2.      #57Jeff Miller

3.      #33 Scott Haus

4.      #5 Chuck Clise

5.      #8L Scott Lebaron

6.      #15E Steve Everhart

7.      #8A Allen Sagi

8.      #49 Eric Zembower

9.      #83R Scott Rhodes

10.  #M1 Andy Martz (-1)

11.  #92 Jeff Rine (DNF)

12.  #50E DJ Troutman (DNF)

13.  #79Mike Altobelli (DNF)

14.  #20 Shawn Claar (DNF)


Heat #1

1.      #92 Jeff Rine

2.      #50E DJ Troutman

3.      #14 Jack Pencil

4.      #57 Jeff Miller

5.      #8A Alan Sagi

6.      #83R Scott Rhodes

7.      #8L Scott Lebarron


Heat #2

1.      #15E Steve Everhart

2.      #33 Scott Haus

3.      #M1 Andy Martz

4.      #5 Chuck Clise

5.      #49 Eric Zembower

6.      #20 Shawn Claar (DNF)

7.      #79 Mike Altobelli Jr. (DNS)





1.      #99 Rick Singleton

2.      #6 Allen Lemin

3.      #39 Tim Smith Jr.

4.      #66 Justin Kann

5.      #32 Travis Stickley

6.      #5* Derek Byler

7.      #8 Matt Spanaugle

8.      #99 Tim Snare Jr.

9.      #5Z Brian Lesley

10.  #73 Mike Duck

11.  #15P Matt Parks

12.  #48F Dennis Farling

13.  #80E Donnie Hedge

14.  #71 Curtis Heath

15.  #13 Brian Lowry

16.  #88 Robbie Garlock

17.  #1A Craig Perigo

18.  #3 Daniel Cornman (ran the #57 car)

19.  #45 B Brandon Hoover (DNF)

20.  #94 Darrell Dick (DNF)

21.  #72 Steve Bard(DNF)

22.  #58 George Beckett (DNF)

23.  #38 Chad Walter (DNF)

24.  #77 George Dixon Jr.(DNS)

25.  #19 Rance Garlock(DNS)


Heat #1

1.      # 6 Allen Lemin

2.      #66 Justin Kann

3.      #8 Matt Spaunaugle

4.      #99 Tim Snare JR.

5.      #48F Dennis Farling

6.      #45B Brandon Hoover

7.      #38 Chad Walter

8.      #8II Mike Shoemaker

9.      #19 Rance Garlock(DNF)



1.      # 99* Rick Singleton

2.      # 39Tim Smith Jr.

3.      #13 Brian Lowry

4.      # 73 Mike Duck

5.      #15P Matt Parks

6.      #94 Darrell Dick

7.      # 72 Steve Bard

8.      #80E Donnie Hedge

9.      #71 Curtis Heath(DNF)


Heat #3

1.      #32 Travis Stickley

2.      #5Z Brian Lesley

3.      #5* Derek Byler

4.      #1A Craig Perigo

5.      #58 George Beckett

6.      #88Robbie Garlock

7.      #57 Rodney Mock

8.      #77 George Dixon Jr.(DNF)

9.      #3 Daniel Cornman (DNF)





1.      #96 Jim Saylor

2.      #4 Bob Jay

3.      #78 Daryl Whetstone

4.      #10 Donald Wyles

5.      #31C Chris Chamberlain

6.      #38 Brian Duffy

7.      #65 Jarrett Walker

8.      #22 Jesse Snyder

9.      #63 Kerry Molovich

10.  #55x Scott Grubb

11.  #73C Bill Pluta Jr.

12.  #7 Rich Swope

13.  #9 Josh Gustaf (-1)

14.  #44 Rick Wright (DNF)

15.  #52 Jon Whitfield (DNF)

16.  #77P Joe Pluta (DNF)


Heat #1

1.      #38 Brian Duffy

2.      #31C Chris Chamberlain

3.      #52 John Whitfield

4.      #96 Jim Saylor

5.      #10 Donald Wyles

6.      #63 Kerry Molovich

7.      #55X Scott Grubb

8.      #44Rick Wright

Heat #2

1.      # 65 Jarrett Walker

2.      #4J Bob Jay

3.      #78 Daryl Whetstone

4.      #22 Jesse Snyder

5.      #7 Rich Swope

6.      #9 Josh Gustaf

7.      #77P Joe Pluta

8.      #73C Bill Pluta Jr.(DNF)




1.      #58 Ryan Beckett

2.      #65 Bill Replogle

3.      #42 Charlie Walter Jr.

4.      #77 Lou Wannyn

5.      #0 Rick Potter

6.      #73 Terry Norris

7.      #7 Travis Group

8.      #11 Jarrod Brown

9.      #95 Justin Milburn

10.  #4J Mandy Jay

11.  #007 Mike Siegele

12.  #54 Preston Imler

13.  #15 Kevin Hinish

14.  #9  Ray Shepherd(-5)

15.  #3 Tyler Ritchey (DNF)

16.  #RV85 Reed Stickle Jr. (DNF)

17.  #32 Christine Stickley (DNF)

18.  #75 Don Imler (DNF)

19.  #95D Daryl Detwiler(DNF)


Heat #1

1. #7 Travis Group

2. # RV85 Reed Stickle Jr.

3. # 42 Charlie Walter

4. # 58 Ryan Beckett

5. #0 Rick Potter

6. #75 Don Imler

7. # 9 Ray Shepherd

8. # 4J Mandy Jay

9. # 15 Kevin Hinish (DNF)

10. # 95D Darryl Detwiler(DNF)


Heat #2

1. #3 Tyler Ritchey

2. #77 Lou Wannyn

3.#73 Terry Norris

4.#65 Bill Replogle

5.#11 Jarrod Brown

6.#32 Christine Stickley

7.#007 Mike Siegele

8.#95 Justin Milburn

9.#54 Preston Imler




1.      #83R Ed Vogel

2.      #43N Bill Noel

3.      #0 Joe Means

4.      #21Dave Lambert

5.      #43 Paul Crynock III

6.      #10 Jay Fry

7.      #89 Lonnie McKenzie

8.      #19 Ian Will

9.      #45 Paul Crynock Jr.

10.  #75 Cindy Rhodes

11.  #3J Juan Ryan

12.  #32 Doug Lewis

13.  #59 Jeremy Schratzmer

14.  #58 ½ Irvin Fleegle

15.  #17k Kevin See

16.  #56 Jeff Treece (DNF)

17.  #98 Jon Gephart(DNF)

18.  #38 Mike Lauffer (BLACK FLAGGED)

Heat #1

1.      # 21 Dave Lambert

2.      #43N Bill Noel

3.      #89Lonnie McKenzie

4.      #75 Cindy Rhodes

5.      #56 Jeff Treece

6.      #3J Juan Ryan

7.      #17K Kevin See

8.      #581/2 Irvin Fleegle

9.      #45 Paul Crycock Jr. (DNF)

10.  #32 Doug Lewis (DNF)


Heat #2

    1.      #38 Mike Lauffer

    2.      #0 Joe Means

    3.      #83E Ed Vogel

    4.      #10 Jay Fry

    5.      #43Paul Crynock III

    6.      #59J Jeremy Schratzmer

    7.      #19 Ian Will (DNF)

    8.      #98Jon Gephart (DNF)

    9.      #1 Phil Best (DNF)

Number of Wins
Jack Pencil
Scott Haus
Steve Everhart
Jimmy Mars
Josh Richards

Number of Wins
Mike Shoemaker
Brian Lowery
Brian Lesley
Tim Smith
Rick Singleton

Number of Wins
Greg Hainsey
Daryl Whetstone
Jim Sayler

Number of Wins
Charlie Walter
Ryan Beckett

Number of Wins
Mike Lauffer
Ed Vogel






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