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July 6, 2009 0:30 AM

June 28, 2009

Stevie Smith Wins PA Posse Show

By Laura Cornman


            A high-speed evening of racing was on hand Sunday as the Pennsylvania Posse 410 sprint cars invaded the speedway for the first time in over twenty years.  The super late model division and the cruiser hobby stock division were also on the schedule.  A sum of 56 cars filled the pit area; twenty eight 410sprints, eighteen super late models, and ten cruiser hobby stocks. 

            Sunday was another record-breaking night.  Stevie Smith shattered the Bedford Speedway 410sprint car record of 16.647. The new record to beat is 15.597.  Spectators witnessed speeds well over 130 miles per hour. Winners of the 410sprint heat races were Adam Wilt, Keith Kauffman, and Justin Henderson.  The Bedford Valley Petroleum super late models ran two heats; Jeff Rhine and DJ Troutman were victorious. 

            Ed Lynch Jr. led the field of twenty three sprints to the cone.  Chad Kemenah quickly took command going into turn one and began distancing himself from the rest of the field.  Chad Layton moved into the second place, lynch trailed him.  Within six laps Kemenah was faced with lap traffic.  Karl Baker rolled and landed on his wheels between turns one and two, bringing out a closed red flag.  Kemenah brought the field back to full power and blasted off the restart.  Layton followed his lead while Greg Hodnett tagged behind. Stevie Smith made his way into the third position and looked to make a move on Layton.  Smith and Layton battled frivolously for the second place spot.  Layton began closing ground on Lynch.  The rest of the field battled for their positions.  Again, Lynch was faced with lap traffic.  Despite the lap traffic, a battle for the lead began.  Stevie Smith pulled off a pass against Lynch coming off of turn four with eleven laps to go.  Smith took full command as he began separating himself from the rest of the field.  Kemenah occupied the second position while Layton followed.  Smith’s position was solidified as he drove his black and white number one into victory lane.

            Scott Rhodes escorted the pack of super late models to the start of green flag racing. Rhodes began to stretch his lead.  DJ Troutman followed closely behind with Jack Pencil trailing him.  Troutman began to feel pressure as Pencil looked to make his move for the second position.  Jeff Rhine and Scott Haus ran side by side for the fifth place spot, Rhine was successful.  With fifteen laps to go Pencil pulled off a pass against Troutman.  He didn’t stop there; within a lap he obtained the lead from Rhodes.  The rest of the field continued to drive hard for their positions.  Even in the face of lap traffic, Pencil secured ground between he and Troutman.  With sixteen laps in the book, Eric Zembower landed his blue number forty nine on the inside wall of the front stretch.  Pencil brought the field up to speed and back to green flag racing.  Pencil expanded his lead as he began driving away from Rhine.  Mike Altobelli resided in the third position while Troutman followed.  Rhine couldn’t manage to close the gap between himself and Pencil.  Pencil was first to drive under the waving checkered flags, earning his fifth win of the season.

Terry Norris led the cruiser hobby stock division to the drop of the green flag.  Without haste Charlie Walter took command and quickly began to extend his lead.  Behind him the rest of the field battled for their positions.  Carl Snare Jr. followed Walter’s lead.  Tyler Ritchey and Kevin Hinish fought for the fourth position.  Ritchey was successful until he lost control in turn four.  Walter showed the way to the restart and began to lengthen his lead.  Terry Norris, running third, began to feel the pressure of Troy Aikey.  Norris managed to distance himself from Aikey.  Tyler Ritchey came from the rear and swiftly made his way into the fourth place position.  Walter made his way off of turn four for the final time with a full front stretch lead between him and the rest of the field.  Walter drove into victory lane for the fifth time this season. 

Come and celebrate Independence Day weekend at the Bedford Speedway on July 5.  An exciting five division show is scheduled which includes the super late models, 358 limited late models, street stocks, hobby stocks, and the 4-cylinders.  This race will be dedicated as a memorial night for racing families.  There will also be a fireworks show after the races.



DNS (did not start)

DNF (did not finish)

DNQ (did not qualify)

DQ (disqualified)


410 Sprints:

Heat #1

  1. #15 Adam Wilt
  2. #22 Greg Hodnett
  3. #1 Stevie Smith
  4. #89 Cody Darrah
  5. #51 Fred Rahmer
  6. #11 Mike Erdley
  7. #3 Bob Bennett
  8. #44 Joey Hershey
  9. #19M Brent Marks

Heat #2

  1. #27 Keith Kauffman
  2. #7M Mark Smith
  3. #25ott Aaron Ott
  4. #17 Daryn Pittman
  5. #35 Chad Kemenah
  6. #7 Chad Layton
  7. #19 Cale Grubb
  8. #51B Karl Baker
  9. #11T TJ Winegardner

Heat #3

  1. #25 Justin Henderson
  2. #2L Ed Lynch Jr.
  3. #39 Doug Esh
  4. #65 Johnny Mackinson Jr.
  5. #V92 Matthew Reed
  6. #56 Ralph Spithaler
  7. #33 Brian Ehrenzeller
  8. #55 Mike Wagner
  9. #7K Dan Shetler
  10. #75 Dave Ely

B- Main

1. #3 Bob Bennett

2. #19 Cole Grubb

3. #51 Fred Rahmer

4. #44 Joey Hershey

5. #33 Brian Ehrezeller



  1. #1 Stevie Smith
  2. #35 Chad Kemenah
  3. #7 Chad Layton
  4. #22 Greg Hodnett
  5. #89 Cody Darrah
  6. #2L Ed Lynch Jr.
  7. #7M Mark Smith
  8. #17 Daryn Pittman
  9. #25 Justin Henderson
  10. #27 Keith Kauffman
  11. #11 Mike Erdley
  12. #39 Doug Esh
  13. #15 Adam Wilt
  14. #65 Johnny Mackinson Jr.
  15. #19 Cale Grubb
  16. #V92 Matthew Reed
  17. #56 Ralph Spithaler
  18. #33 Brian Ehrenzller
  19. #51 Fred Rahmer
  20. #25ott Aaron Ott
  21. #44 Joey Hershey
  22. #51B Karl Baker
  23. #3 Bob Bennett


Super Late Models:

Heat #1

  1. #92 Jeff Rhine
  2. #83R Scott Rhodes
  3. #79 Mike Altobelli Jr.
  4. #0 Ron Delano Jr.
  5. #8A Alan Sagi
  6. #43 Tom Decker Jr.
  7. #8L Scott Lebaron
  8. #0 Larry Bare
  9. #57 Jeff Miller
  10. #20 Shawn Claar

Heat #2

  1. # 50E DJ Troutman
  2. #15E Steve Everhart
  3. #14 Jack Pencil
  4. #76 Scott Haus
  5. #74 Tyler Hershey
  6. #17J Wayne Johnson (DNF)
  7. #49 Eric Zembower (DNF)
  8. #77 Randy Burkholder (DNF)



  1. #14 Jack Pencil
  2. #92 Jeff Rhine
  3. #79 Mike Altobelli Jr.
  4. #50E DJ Troutman
  5. #57 Jeff Miller
  6. #83R Scott Rhodes
  7. #8A Alan Sagi
  8. #77 Randy Burkholder
  9. #76 Scott Haus
  10. #5 Chuck Clise
  11. #8L Scott Lebaron
  12. #43 Tom Decker Jr.
  13. #0 Ron Delano Jr.
  14. #74 Tyler Hershey
  15. #20 Shawn Claar
  16. #0 Larry Bare (DNF)
  17. #15E Steve Everhart (DNF)
  18. #49 Eric Zembower (DNF)
  19. #17J Wayne Johnson (DNF)

Cruiser Hobby Stocks:


  1. #42 Charlie Walter Jr.
  2. #66 Carl Snare Jr.
  3. #73 Terry Norris
  4. #3 Tyler Ritchey
  5. #29 Troy Aikey
  6. #0 Rick Potter
  7. #4J Mandy Jay
  8. #7 Travis Group
  9. #15 Kevin Hinish
  10. #9 Ray Shepherd

Number of Wins
Jack Pencil
Scott Haus
Steve Everhart
Jimmy Mars
Josh Richards

Number of Wins
Mike Shoemaker
Brian Lowery
Brian Lesley
Tim Smith
Rick Singleton
Mike Duck

Number of Wins
Greg Hainsey
Daryl Whetstone
Jim Sayler

Number of Wins
Charlie Walter
Ryan Beckett

Number of Wins
Mike Lauffer
Ed Vogel





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