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September 20, 2009 1:51 AM

August 21, 2009

Everhart, Byler, Duffy, Walter, and Lambert Earn Victories

By Laura Cornman


            Despite threatening rain, the Bedford Speedway went back to green flag racing Friday evening.  A sum of 86 drivers filled the pit area for the double point affair. 

            Matt Parks, Rick Singleton, and Derek Byler were victorious during the 358 limited late model heat races.  Both Jim Saylor and Brian Duffy were awarded wins during the street stock heat races.  DJ Troutman and Jack Pencil earned wins during the super late model heat races.  Terry Norris and Charlie Walter claimed wins during the cruiser hobby stock heat races. Both Steve Frederick and Mike Lauffer won the 4-cylinder heat races.

            The 358 limited late model feature was first on the line up.  Justin Kann led the thundering pack to the drop of the green flag.  Derek Byler quickly gained control of the race and began leading the way.  With just two laps in the books, Craig Morgan Jr. spun between turns three and four.  Byler led the pack to the restart. Byler began pulling away while Kann followed his tracks.  Brian Lesley and Darrell Dick fought hard for the third place position, Lesley prevailed.  With six laps down a caution was brought out due to debris on the track. Once more Byler led the nose-to-tail flock to the restart.  Byler began expanding his lead, leaving his competitors to battle it out.  Dick and Travis Stickley began battling for the fifth place position, Dick obtained the position.  George Beckett and Matt Parks became tangled between turns one and two with just four laps to go.  With three laps to go, several cars did the hustle coming out of turn four causing some drivers to check up. Byler, who was in command the entire race, was first to see the checkered flags. As he drove across the finish line Byler gave his fans a winning salute!  

            Bob Jay held the pole position for the start of the street stock feature.  Jay began to show the way.  Kerry Molovich and Chris Chamberlain fought for the second place position, Chamberlain dove on the inside and was successful. Chamberlain took the lead away from Jay by again taking the inside.  Brian Duffy began moving through the pack as he fought hard against Molovich and Jim Saylor for the third place position, Saylor prevailed.  Chamberlain, the race leader, became loose on the front stretch and gave up a large amount of ground.  Bob jay resumed command, but not for long.  Duffy, who started eighth, became the new race leader.  Saylor began challenging Duffy for the lead.  The battle for third included Jay, Molvich, and Hainsey, Jay prevailed.  Duffy outlasted Saylor and drove his number 38 into victory lane.

            Mike Altobelli Jr. was first in line for the super late model feature.  As the green flag dropped the field quickly scurried for their positions.  Steve Everhart didn’t hesitate to begin a battle for the lead with Altobelli, Everhart took command.  Altobelli fell off the pace on the backstretch, giving up his second place position.  Chuck Clise gained from Altobelli’s misfortune as he moved into the second place position.  Everhart began placing a significant amount of ground between he and the rest of the pack.  DJ Troutman moved into the second place position, moving Clise into third.  Jack Pencil occupied the fifth place position.  Scott Haus and Jeff Miller battled hard for the seventh place position.  The DJ duo, consisting of DJ Troutman and DJ Myers, battled for the second place position, Troutman remained strong.  Everhart continued to show the way while Troutman followed his lead.  Everhart’s position was solidified as he drove into victory lane.      

            Tyler Ritchey escorted the cruiser hobby stocks to the start of their feature.  Lou Wannyn quickly took the lead.  Charlie Walter closely followed behind Wannyn.  Wannyn fell off the pace and Walter took command.  Terry Norris occupied the second place position.  All positions were fought hard for.  Walter continued to show the way.  Wannyn, who was once the race leader, dropped back to ninth place.  With just four laps to go, a dreadful accident occurred coming off of turn two; Don Imler and Christine Stickley were both involved. Imler took the blunt of the accident as he flipped his car into the turn two billboards.  Walter led the flock to the restart.  Weyant, who was occupying the second place position, lost control and looped his car in turn two.  Once back to green flag racing Walter resumed his lead.  Walter claimed his seventh win of the season as he drove across the finish line. 

            Paul Crynock Jr. showed the way to the start for the 4-cylinder feature.  Mike Lauffer swiftly took command of the race.  Within the first few laps a caution occurred.  Lauffer led the way to the restart.  The battle heightened in the center of the field.  Dave Lambert pulled off a pass against Lauffer, earning him the lead.  Jeff Treece and Joe Means battled for the fifth place position, Means was successful. Lambert continued his lead as Lauffer followed closely behind. Vinnie Heiss’s car rolled between turns three and four.  Once back to green flag racing Lambert remained in control and earned himself a win as he drove into victory lane. 



Super Late Models


  1. #15E Steve Everhart
  2. #50E DJ Troutman
  3. #70J DJ Myers
  4. #24 Jeremy Miller
  5. #5 Chuck Clise
  6. #14 Jack Pencil
  7. #57 Jeff Miller
  8. #76 Scott Haus
  9. #92 Jeff Rine
  10. #8A Alan Sagi
  11. #8L Scott Lebarron
  12. #M1 Andy Martz
  13. #74 Jeremy Miller
  14. #83R Scott Rhodes
  15. #43 Tom Decker Jr.
  16. #79 Mike Altobelli Jr.(DNF)

Heat 1:

1. #50E DJ Troutman

2. #76 Scott Haus

3. #5 Chuck Clise

4. #79 Mike Altobelli Jr.

5. #57 Jeff Miller

6. #8L Scott Lebarron

7. #83R Scott Rhodes

8. #8A Alan Sagi

9. #43 Tom Decker Jr.


Heat 2:

1. #14 Jack Pencil

2. #15E Steve Everhart

3. #24 Jeremy Miller

4. #70J DJ Myers

5. #92 Jeff Rine

6. #74 Jeremy Miller

7. # 1 Chris Harr

8. # M1 Andy Martz


358 Limited Late Models


  1. #5* Derek Byler
  2. #66 Justin Kann
  3. #5Z Brian Lesley
  4. #73 Mike Duck
  5. #32 Travis Stickley
  6. #8 Matt Sponaugle
  7. #94 Darrell Dick
  8. #6 Allan Lemin
  9. #99* Rick Singleton
  10. #39 Tim Smith
  11. #13 Brian Lowery
  12. #3 Daniel Cornman
  13. #99 Tim Snare Jr.
  14. #48F Donnie Farling
  15. #5H Matt Howsare
  16. #21Craig Perigo
  17. #35 Randy Wible
  18. #58 George Beckett (DNF)
  19. #15P Matt Parks (DNF)
  20. #72 Steve Bard(DNF)
  21. #44 Craig Perigo Jr. (DNF)
  22. #19 Rance Garlock (DNS)

Heat 1:

  1. #15P Matt Parks
  2. #94 Darrell Dick
  3. #66 Justin Kann
  4. #58 George Beckett
  5. #5H Matt Howsare
  6. #48F Donnie Farling
  7. #21 Craig Perigo
  8. #66C Matt Cosner (DNS)


Heat 2:

  1. #99* Rick Singleton
  2. #5Z Brian Lesley
  3. #73 Mike Duck
  4. #3 Daniel Cornman
  5. #6 Allan Lemin
  6. #39 Tim Smith
  7. #8 Matt Sponaugle
  8. #35 Randy Wible


Heat 3:

  1. #5* Derek Byler
  2. #32 Travis Stickley
  3. #44 Craig Morgan Jr.
  4. #72 Steve Bard
  5. #99 Tim Snare Jr.
  6. #19 Rance Garlock(DNF)
  7. #13 Brian Lowery (DNS)


Street Stocks


  1. #38 Brian Duffy
  2. #96 Jim Saylor
  3. #4 Bob Jay
  4. #63 Kerry Molovich
  5. #31H Greg Hainsey
  6. #10Donald Wyles
  7. #31C Chris Chamberlain
  8. #22 Jesse Snyder
  9. #78 Daryl Whetstone
  10. #73 Bill Pluta Jr.
  11. #B1 Cody Buterbaugh (DNF)
  12. #77p Joe Pluta Jr. (DNF)


Heat 1:

1. #96 Jim Saylor

2. #31 Greg Hainsey

3. #63 Kerry Molovich

4. #22 Jesse Snyder

5. # 78 Darryl Whetstone

6. #73 Bill Pluta Jr.

7. #45 Zane Weicht(DNF)


Heat 2:

  1. #38 Brian Duffy
  2. #31C Chris Chamberlain
  3. #4J Bob Jay
  4. #10 Donald Wyles
  5. #B1 Cody Buterbaugh
  6. #77P Joe Pluta Jr.


Hobby Stocks


  1. #42 Charlie Walter
  2. #73 Terry Norris
  3. #58 Ryan Beckett
  4. #RV85 Reed Stickle Jr.
  5. #65 Bill Replogle
  6. #3 Tyler Ritchey
  7. #7 Travis Group
  8. #77 Lou Wannyn
  9. #11 Jarrod Brown
  10. #54 Preston Imler
  11. #88C Chuck Weyant
  12. #9 Ray Shepherd
  13. #60 Kenny Imler Jr.
  14. #32 Christine Stickley (DNF)
  15. #75 Don Imler Jr.(DNF)
  16. #0 Rick Potter (DNF)
  17. #01 Tom Erikson (DNF)

Heat 1

1. #73 Terry Norris

2. #0 Rick Potter

3. #RV85 Reed Stickle Jr.

4.  #58 Ryan Beckett

5. #54 Preston Imler

6. #7 Travis Group

7. #9 Ray Shepherd

8. #60 Kenny Imler Jr.

9. # 75 Don Imler (DNF)



1. # 42 Charlie Walter

2. #3 Tyler Ritchey

3. #65 Bill Replogle

4. #77 Lou Wannyn

5. #88c Chuck Weyant

6. #11 Jarrod Brown

7. #01 Tom Erickson

8. #32 Christine Stickley




  1. #21 Dave Lambert
  2. #38 Mike Lauffer
  3. #45 Paul Crynock Jr.
  4. #3J Juan Ryan
  5. #0 Joe Means
  6. # 75 Cindy Rhodes
  7. #53 Joel Vinglas Jr.
  8. #23 Paul Crynock III
  9. #56 Jeff Treece
  10. #7D Matt Winegardner
  11. #12 Steve Frederick
  12. #27 Vinnie Heiss
  13. #42N Bill Noll
  14. #17K Kevin See
  15. #83E Ed Vogel

Heat 1

  1. #12 Steve Frederick
  2. #27 Vinnie Heiss
  3. #53 Joel Vinglas Jr.
  4. #7D Matt Winegardner
  5. #17K Kevin See
  6. #43N Bill Noll(DNF)
  7. #75 Cindy Rhodes(DNF)


Heat 2

  1. #38 Mike Lauffer
  2. #21Davey Lambert
  3. #3J Juan Ryan
  4. #45 Paul Crynock Jr.
  5. #56 Jeff Treece
  6. #0 Joe Means
  7. #23 Paul Crynock III
  8. #63 Billy Peterson (DNF)        

Number of Wins
Jack Pencil
Scott Haus
Steve Everhart
Jimmy Mars
Josh Richards
Scott LeBarron
DJ Myers
Tim Fuller

Number of Wins
Mike Shoemaker
Brian Lowery
Brian Lesley
Tim Smith
Derek Byler
Rick Singleton
Mike Duck

Number of Wins
Greg Hainsey
Daryl Whetstone
Jim Sayler
Jesse Snyder
Brian Duffey

Number of Wins
Charlie Walter
Ryan Beckett
Tyler Ritchey

Number of Wins
Mike Lauffer
Ed Vogel
Paul Crynock Jr
Dave Lambert





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