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September 20, 2009 10:38 PM

September 19, 2009

Pencil Earns Limited Late Model Win

By Laura Cornman


            Although the point fund for the season has come to a close, more racing action is yet to come.  The Bedford Speedway had the pleasure of hosting the URC sprint series; accompanying them were the 358 limited late models, street stocks, hobby stocks, and the 4-cylinders.

            The Miller Auto Parts 358 limited late models ran a sum of three heat races; winners included Mike Duck, Jack Pencil, and Tyler Armstrong.  Donald Wyles and Brian Duffy claimed victories during the TC Race Cars street stock heat races.  Ryan Beckett and Chuck Weyant were victorious during the Ritchey Sandblasting cruiser hobby stock heat races.  Winners of the Thomas Chevrolet 4-cylinder heat races included Chris Anderson and Dave Lambert.

            Jack Pencil, a five-time champion, graced the 358 limited late model division with his presence Saturday evening.  Pencil escorted the thundering herd to the drop of the green flag, 30 laps of hard racing lay ahead.  As the pack sifted into single file, Pencil began to show the way.  Matt Howsare lost control in turn four and spun through the infield.  Again, Pencil began to show the way.  Justin Kann followed Pencil’s lead and began looking for an opening.  With only three laps in the book, Travis Cottle and Howsare became tangled on the front stretch.  Pencil led the flock to the cone and began to stretch his lead.  A battle began between Daniel Cornman and DJ Troutman for the fourth place position, Troutman was successful.  Drivers were faced with a challenge as they approached lap traffic.  Pencil, still in command, established standing ground between himself and his opponents.  Kann continued to follow Pencil’s path.  Mike Duck and Troutman occupied the third and fourth place positions.  Cornman defended his fifth place position against Tim Smith Jr.  With sixteen laps in the book, the caution was brought out due to debris on the backstretch.  Pencil remained in command. Cornman saw an open door and successfully made a pass against Troutman, earning him the fourth place position.  Kann began gaining ground on Pencil, Duck followed his trail.  As the top five cars battled it out the rest of the field fought hard for their positions.  With five laps to go, Cornman effectively passed Duck.  Unfortunately, Troutman suffered a flat tire with just three laps to go, forcing him to give up his fifth place position.  Once more, Pencil brought the field to the restart. Kann and Cornman followed Pencil’s lead.  George Beckett and Tim Snare Jr. became intertwined in turn one.   With two laps to go, Pencil remained in control.  Pencil was the first to see the checkered flags as he drove off of turn four, earning his second 358 limited late model win in three weeks.

            Denny Collins led the way to the start of the street stock feature.  Donald Wyles quickly took command, but was pressured by Greg Hainsey.  Bob Jay occupied the third place position.  With just a few laps in the book, Daryl Whetstone suffered a flat tire.  Once back to green flag racing, Wyles, the race leader, fell off the pace.  Hainsey moved up and took command.  Jeff Benson and Brian Duffy battled for the third place position, Duffy was successful.  Duffy looked for the opportunity to make a pass against Bob Jay for the second place position.  Hainsey continued to show the way.  Duffy drove under Jay, earning him the second place position.  Hainsey began to feel the pressure as Duffy plotted to make a move, Hainsey remained strong.  Benson and Jesse Snyder battled for the fourth place position, Benson was successful.  Hainsey drove hard to protect his lead against Duffy.  Hainsey’s hard work paid off as he drove into victory lane.  

            Ryan Beckett brought the field of cruiser hobby stocks to the start of their feature event.  Charlie Walter quickly took control.  Bill Replogle began challenging Beckett for the second place position.  Jeff Brown made a smoky exit from the track with just a few laps in the book.  Walter continued to lead as Replogle followed his trail.  Walter and Replogle raced side-by-side, Walter remained strong.  Meanwhile, Chuck Weyant made his way up to the action and moved into the second place position.  With ten laps to go, Weyant obtained the lead.  Weyant began to distance himself from Replogle.  Walter and Norris battled for the third place position, Walter was successful.  Walter defended his position and drove straight into victory lane.

            Bill Noll held the pole position for the start of the 4-cylinder feature.  Mike Lauffer swiftly took the lead.  An awful wreck occurred on the front stretch which included Davey Lambert and Marc Kepple.  Lauffer showed the way to the restart.  Lauffer defended his position against Martin Vinasky.  Noll occupied the third place position.  Vinasky fell off the pace and went pit side.  Lauffer continued to lead.  Chris Booher moved into the second place position.  The fifth place was fought hard for by Chris Anderson, Tim College, and Bill Noll. Anderson was successful. Booher plotted to make his move against Lauffer.  Booher took the low side and passed Lauffer for the lead.  Booher made his way into victory lane for the first time at the Bedford Speedway.     


            *Compliments of Bob Miller*


                Kevin Nouse on Mechanicsburg, PA,  driving the Elmer
Stotzfus  sprinter, won the twenty-five lap Rislone URC Sprint Series
feature event Saturday night at the Bedford Speedway.  For URC, it was
their first visit to Bedford since 1983 and the success of the show
indicates that URC will be returning in 2010.   This event was part of
the Valley Forge INC Pennsylvania Sprint Series  and paid $2,000 to win
plus a $500 bonus from CnB Mushrooms and an additional $50 from Tim's
Racing Photos.  For Nouse, it was his first  career URC win and it came
after a hard fought battle with URC point leader JJ Grasso, who made
several strong challenges in the closing laps.  In fact, on lap
twenty-three, Grasso nosed ahead of the Nouse just as the yellow came
out for Robbie Stillwaggon.

                A field of twenty-five URC sprint cars turned out for
the event with heat race victories going to Kevin  Nouse, Jimmy Stitzel
and Eddie Wagner.

                In the twenty-five lap feature event,  Kevin Nouse set
the pace for the first lap after starting on the pole.   On lap two, as
the field was heading into the first turn, Justin Collett took a violent
flip.     The car no sooner stopped  flipping and Collett quickly exited
the race car uninjured.

                On the restart, Nouse ran to hide from the rest of the
field with rookie standout Eddie Wagner running second and Jimmy Stitzel
third.   On a charge was the "Wild Child" Josh Weller who was holding
down the fourth spot as "The JET" JJ Grasso roared into fifth after
starting  tenth. 

                Weller and Grasso were the stars of the show as they
attempted to reel in the leaders.  By lap seven, Grasso was fourth and
one lap later, the Palladino #99 was third, the JET was on a mission.

                At the halfway point of the race, Nouse remained the
leader with Wagner second followed by Grasso, Weller and Stitzel.   On
lap fourteen, "The JET" motored into second as Wagner followed in third
with Josh Weller fourth.

                Grasso quickly began to reel in Nouse as the leader came
up on slower traffic.   By lap twenty,   Grasso was in a position to
challenge for the leader
                and the battle began.    Grasso was racing side-by-side
with Nouse   for the lead on lap twenty-three when Robbie Stillwaggon
came to a stop on the backstretch.

                On the restart, Nouse  had a strong run going into turn
one and quickly advanced his lead to about six car lengths over Grasso.
Immediately, Grasso fought back and reeled in the leader.  On the final
lap it appeared that Grasso could get a run at Nouse.  As the two
leaders set-up for their run down the homestretch, Nouse had the
horsepower needed to take the win.  Grasso finished a strong second as
Josh Weller charged his way to third.  Making up the top five were Jimmy
Stitzel and a late charging Becca Anderson.
                FEATURE FINISH:  Kevin Nouse, JJ Grasso, Josh Weller,
Jimmy Stitzel, Becca Anderson, Eddie Wagner,  Davey Sammons, Curt
Michael,  Andy Best, Jonathan Swanson, Nick Schlauch,   Chris Coyle,
Midge Miller,  Kramer Williamson, Randy West, Art Liedl, Kyle Pruitt ,
Kevin Darling, Dave Gable,  Robbie Stillwaggon, Tim Hogue, Gary Gollub,
Johnny Zimmerman, Chris Weiss, Justin Collett.
1st Heat  Engler Machine & Tool- - Kevin Nouse
2nd Heat Brad Penn-Penn Grade 1 Oil  - - Jimmy Stitzel
3rd Heat Gutter Pro- - - - Eddie Wagner
Fred's Trailer Parts Hard Charger Award- - - JJ Grasso (advanced 8
Tim's Racing Photos  Award- - Kevin Nouse
C&B Mushroom Award- - - $500  Kevin Nouse






DNS (did not start)

DNF (did not finish)

DQ (disqualified)


358 Limited Late Models:


  1. #14 Jack Pencil
  2. #66 Justin Kann
  3. #3 Daniel Cornman
  4. #32 Travis Stickley
  5. #21 Dave Leidy
  6. #39 Tim Smith Jr.
  7. #66C Matt Cosner
  8. #5* Derek Byler
  9. #5Z Brian Lesley
  10. #13 Brian Lowery
  11. #36 Travis Calhoun
  12. #64 Grant Adams
  13. #58 George Beckett
  14. #8II Jeff Shoemaker
  15. #5 Matt Howsare (DNF)
  16. #84 Tyler Armstrong (DNF)
  17. #73 Mike Duck (DNF)
  18. #99 Tim Snare Jr. (DNF)
  19. #6 Allen Lemin (DNF)
  20. #7 DJ Troutman (DNF)
  21. #8 Mike Shoemaker (DNF)
  22. #35 Randy Wible (DNF)
  23. #2 Levi Eller (DNF)
  24. #68 Nathan LaSalle (DNF)
  25. #32C Travis Cottle (DNF)
  26. #32 Dale Claycomb Jr. (DNF)
  27. #94 Darrell Dick (DNS)

Heat 1:

  1. #73 Mike Duck
  2. #7 DJ Troutman
  3. #66 Justin Kann
  4. #6 Allen Lemin
  5. #21 Dave Leidy
  6. #8 Jeff Shoemaker
  7. #68 Nathan LaSalle
  8. #32C Travis Cottle
  9. #13 Brian Lowery (DNF)

Heat 2:

  1. #14 Jack Pencil
  2. #3 Daniel Cornman
  3. #32 Travis Stickley
  4. #8 Mike Shoemaker
  5. #5* Derek Byler
  6. #58 George Beckett
  7. #5Z Brian Lesley
  8. #35 Randy Wible
  9. #94 Darrell Dick (DNF)

Heat 3:

  1. #84 Tyler Armstrong
  2. #5H Matt Howsare
  3. #39 Tim Smith Jr.
  4. #64 Grant Adams
  5. #66C Matt Cosner
  6. #99 Tim Snare Jr.
  7. #36 Travis Calhoun
  8. #32 Dale Claycomb Jr.
  9. #2 Levi Eller


Street Stocks:


  1. #31HGreg Hainsey
  2. #38 Brian Duffy
  3. #4J Bob Jay
  4. #5 Harry Smith
  5. #22 Jesse Snyder
  6. #78 Daryl Whetstone
  7. #81 John Hollis
  8. #77 Joe Pluta
  9. #40 Adam Fulton
  10. #57C Denny Collins
  11. #44 Matt Fulton
  12. #B1 Cody Buterbaugh
  13. #7B Jeff Benson(DNF)
  14. #7S Rich Swope (DNF)
  15. #73C Bill Pluta (DNF)
  16. #29 Travis Brown (DNF)
  17. #6 Greg Imler (DNF)
  18. #10 Donald Wyles (DNF)
  19. #31C Chris Chamberlain(DNS)

Heat 1

  1. #10 Donald Wyles
  2. #31H Greg Hainsey
  3. #5 Harry Smith
  4. #4J Bob Jay
  5. #7B Jeff Benson
  6. #78 Daryl Whetstone
  7. #6 Greg Imler
  8. #81 John Hollis

Heat 2

  1. #38 Brian Duffy
  2. #B1 Cody Buterbaugh
  3. #73C Bill Pluta
  4. #40 Adam Fulton
  5. #44 Matt Fulton
  6. #57C Denny Collins
  7. #29 Travis Brown


Cruiser Hobby Stocks:


  1. #88C Charlie Weyant
  2. #65 Bill Replogle
  3. #42 Charlie Walter
  4. #73 Terry Norris
  5. #3 Shawn Wyles
  6. #58 Ryan Beckett
  7. #7 Travis Group
  8. #66 Carl Snare
  9. #95 Justin Milburn
  10. #56 Todd Goss
  11. #77 Travis Waite
  12. #11 Jarrod Brown
  13. #007 Mike Siegele
  14. #9 Ray Sheperd
  15. #21 Jim Dearmitt
  16. #60 Kenny Imler Jr.
  17. #24 Mark Field(DNF)
  18. #5W Chris Wolfe(DNF)
  19. #57 Rodney Mock (DNF)
  20. #83E Ed Vogel(DNF)
  21. #29 Jeff Brown(DNF)

Heat 1

  1. #58 Ryan Beckett
  2. #65 Bill Replogle
  3. #7 Travis Group
  4. #88C Chuck Weyant
  5. #66 Carl Snare
  6. #007 Mike Siegele
  7. #24 Mark Field
  8. #55X
  9. #83 Ed Vogel
  10. #9 Ray Shepherd
  11. #57 Rodney Mock (DNF)

Heat 2

  1. #43 Charlie Walter
  2. #73 Terry Norris
  3. #29 Jeff Brown
  4. #60 Kenny Imler Jr.
  5. #11 Jarrod Brown
  6. #95 Justin Milburn
  7. #3 Shawn Wyles
  8. #77 Travis Waite
  9. #21 Jim DeArmitt
  10. #5W Chris Wolfe




  1. #18 Chris Booher
  2. #38 Mike Lauffer
  3. #68 Bill Replogle
  4. #75 Cindy Rhodes
  5. #0 Tim College
  6. # 99 Chris Anderson
  7. #43 Bill Noll
  8. #12 Steve Frederick
  9. #53 Joel Vinglas Jr.
  10. #131 Donnie Lechar
  11. #7D Matt Winegardner(DNF)
  12. #88 Martin Vinasky (DNF)
  13. #13 Adam Fletcher(DNF)
  14. #18A Andrew Besnon(DNF)
  15. #38H Joe Huffman Jr.(DNF)
  16. #442 Marc Kepple (DNF)
  17. #21Dave Lambert (DNF)
  18. #56 Jeff Treece (DNS)

Heat 1

  1. #99 Chris Anderson
  2. #442 Marc Kepple
  3. #13 Adam Fletcher
  4. #131 Donnie Lechar
  5. #75 Cindy Rhodes
  6. #53 Joel Vinglas Jr.
  7. #0 Tim College

Heat 2

  1. #21 Dave Lambert
  2. #38 Mike Lauffer
  3. #88 Martin Vinasky
  4. #68 Ray Wright
  5. #38H Joe Huffman Jr.
  6. #56 Jeff Treece
  7. #12 Steve Frederick
  8. #18C Chris Booher

Number of Wins
Jack Pencil
Scott Haus
Steve Everhart
Jimmy Mars
Josh Richards
Scott LeBarron
DJ Myers
Tim Fuller

Number of Wins
Mike Shoemaker
Brian Lowery
Brian Lesley
Tim Smith
Derek Byler
Rick Singleton
Jack Pencil
Mike Duck

Number of Wins
Greg Hainsey
Daryl Whetstone
Jim Sayler
Jesse Snyder
Brian Duffey

Number of Wins
Charlie Walter
Ryan Beckett
Tyler Ritchey
Charlie Weyant

Number of Wins
Mike Lauffer
Ed Vogel
Paul Crynock Jr
Dave Lambert
Chris Booher





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